Upcoming Shows at Northern Starz

SIT Program: Before You Speak


Our S.I.T. program will engage in educating our youth about social issues through theatre. This is an on-going social topics troupe. This play focuses on gun violence in schools, with a haunting twist. Students will work with director, Ben Layne, to also develop monologues as part of the show, surrounding this topic.

Performed by our 6th-12th grade Social Interest Troupe

Show Dates: March 6-8th

The Pied Piper


This show is with our K-5th grade performers.

Performances: April 2nd-5th

As if the rat infestation in Hamelin isn’t bad enough, poor organization on the part of the Mayor has paved the way for the egotistical Pied Piper to take advantage of the town in his search for fame and fortune.  Join us for this delightful participation comedy.

Back to the 80s


This show is with our 6th-12th grade performers

Performances: May 8th - May 17th

Hold on to your hoverboards, we're taking a trip Back to the 80s! When modern teen Mary Fitzfry gets sent back in time by an eccentric professor, she finds herself in the middle of a totally tubular cavalcade of 80s pop culture. There's a lot of familiar faces, from the teens in breakfast-time detention to the guys chasing ghosts and dancing zombies, but the biggest surprise of all is Mary's own protective mom as a teen. Turns out she's actually kind of rad - but thanks to Mary's time travel, she's in trouble. Can Mary make things right? This adventure takes you from the mall where everything happens, to a suburban sitcom street, to a cave under the high school -A hilarious parody to make all ages cheer "I love the 80s!" 

Consensual Squirrels Improv Night


Coming Back Soon

Consensual Squirrels Improv (CSI) is a troupe of Improv hooligans from across the Twin Cities Metro Area. They combine the high-octane thrill of Short Form Improv games with the dazzling brilliance of community theatre to bring you a night of comedy that you won't soon forget! CSI performances are great for all ages, and all are welcome to enjoy!