Social Interest Troupe (S.I.T.) Program at Northern Starz

About S.I.T.

We are launching our new Social Interest Troupe (S.I.T) in our 2017/2018 season. The shows "Girls Like That" and "Once Upon A Teen" are part of this program. Come back soon for more details on the program and mission.

For more information about our new S.I.T. program please contact Executive Director, Rachel Bohnsack at or call 612.326.6158.

Girls Like That

When a naked photograph of schoolgirl Scarlett goes viral, rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation becomes toxic, threatening to shatter the fragile unity of the girls she has grown up with. But how long can Scarlett remain silent? And why isn't it the same for boys? Using music and dance sequences, and featuring shifts in time to explore the evolution of feminist consciousness, the play focuses on adolescent female friendship in the present day and its fragility in the face of societal and cultural pressures.

  • Registration Deadline: December 11th
  • Parent Meeting: December 12th
  • Auditions: December 18th
  • Performance Dates: January 25-28th (5 shows)