Curtains Up - May 9th, 2020

Join Us for Our 2nd Annual Curtains Up Event

Curtains Up! 2020 Celebration of Northern Starz

Join us on May 9th for This Free Event to Celebrate Northern Starz and Raise Some Funds for the Future of the Theatre. Click here if you are interested in becoming a table host for this year's event.

The event will include the following:

  • A 1 hour program  to inspire and share the story of how Northern Starz is building children’s characters one scene at a time.

  • A very nice Lunch or Dinner will be served.

  • After the program and the meal you are invited to our Spring play 80's Prom.

  • This event is free to attend.

  • As this is a fundraiser, guests will be asked to consider making a donation; however, there is no minimum or maximum gift. 

  • Since there will be limited seating this event is only for adults 21+.

  • As much as anything, we want people to come and learn more about the great programs and important work the theatre is doing. I would be delighted to have you join us.

  • If you are interested in attending this invite only event please click on the link and sign up to receive more information.

If you can't make an event you can make a donation below.



Two Sessions will Be Available

Lunch and Performance 

Register/Check-In: 12pm - 12:30pm

Lunch and Program: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Hillbilly Hayride Performance - 2pm - 3:30pm

Dinner and Performance

Register/Check-In: 5pm - 5:30pm 

Dinner and Program: 5:30pm - 6:30pm 

Hillbilly Hayride Performance: 7pm - 8:30pm

Can't Make it to Curtains Up?

Consider a contribution that will us meet our goals and improve the theatre for years to come. 

Your generous donation will fund our mission to 

Build Children’s Characters One Scene at a Time.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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