June 17-21 and June 24-28

Grades 5-12 

Time: 9am-3pm

When P.T. Barnum arrives in town with his traveling troupe, the mayor isn’t so sure Barnum’s on the level.  So, the master showman agrees to give a sample of his wares.  What follows is knee slappin’, foot stompin’, rip roarin’ fun, as some of the best loved characters in American folklore come to life to show us their stories.  As P.T. Barnum might say, prepare to be amused, amazed, astounded, edified and infinitely entertained.  And now — on with the show!

This is a fun time for all! Not only will students be actors in the show; they will also build and paint the sets, create their own costumes, create and pull props, learn tech and for a few lucky students; assistant direct a couple of scenes!  This is an all-inclusive opportunity to be creative!  The show will be performed for family and friends the last day of class. 

Price: $175 per student

Taught by: Paula Anderson and Kyle Frederick-son

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July 8-12

K-5: 9am-3pm (bring a lunch)

This story is set in medieval times, when kings and queens ruled and there were always happily ever afters, but not for everyone. A family of three dragons - the last of their species – is trying stay alive. The dragon slayer, Wrestly tries to impress his future in-laws by slaying the last living dragons and winning the hand of the princess.  In the meantime, at the palace, a group of various entertainers are trying to get the princess out of her depression, but nothing works.  All she wants is her precious Wrestly. 

A contest is held.  Everyone learns how to hip hop dance and the winner will receive a hundred dollars or the hand of the princess. Who will it be?  Will Wrestly be able to impress the royals?  Will the dragons survive?  Enjoy the fun and laughter along with lots of crazy characters. The show will be performed for family and friends the last day of class.

Price: $135 per student

Taught by Kathy Boecher

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Fill Your Tool-Box Workshop


July 15-19

K-5 Workshop Time: 9am-11am

6-12 Workshop Time: 12pm-3pm

You won’t want to miss this all-inclusive toolbox workshop!  If you are new to theatre, or if you have years of experience, this workshop is for you!  Students will be engaged in how to choose a monologue, finding the right song for your audition, resume’ writing, creating a great head shot, mock auditions, and acting for the camera (plus an “in front of the camera” surprise!!). Impress the directorial team at your next audition!!!


Price: K-5 $95 

Price: 6-12 $115

Taught by Paula Anderson

Register Here: 6th-12th Grade

Stage Etiquette Workshop


August 5 – 9

K-5 Workshop Time: 10am-12pm

6-12 Workshop Time: 1pm-3pm

Northern Starz is proud to bring you a week-long workshop in stage etiquette.  This workshop will get you on your way to additional theatre terminology, body language, projection and diction, eye focus and general theatre etiquette that will help you on any stage!

Price: $95 per Student

Taught by: Wesley Holm

Register Here: 6th-12th Grade

Private Acting Lessons


A private acting coach will work with your student for 30 minutes each week. Your student will learn techniques for monologues, memorization, analysis and making strong character choices. If they are not strong readers, parents are encouraged to participate in the lessons. Wednesday's, Ages 5-18. Coach will contact for times once registered.

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