2018/2019 Show Announcement

Elf Jr.

Fall 2018

K-12th Grade Performers

Little Women

Winter 2019

6th - 12th Grade Performers

The Rockin Tale of Snow White

Winter 2019

K-5th Grade Performers

No Strings Attached

Sprint 2019

K-5th Grade Performers

Hillbilly Hayride

Spring 2019

6th-12th Grade Performers

Student Directed Play Festival

6th-12th Grade Performers

Penguin Project: Disney's Little Mermaid

Kids with Special Needs Performance

Sleepy Hollow

6th - 12th Grade and Adult Performers

An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliances

Young Adults 18-28 Performers.

Social Interest Troupe

All Season: 6th-12th Grade Performers